Sugar Nirogya Amrit


Diabetes is a condition where our body cells become incapable of utilizing Glucose as a sourse of energy.


Either because off less production of insulin(A Harmone Produced By Beeta-Cells In the Pancreas which acts by pushing Glucose inside the body cells)or body cells become resistant to the action of insulin in both the conditions,body cells don’t get the required fuel for energy production and they have to rely upon fats and proteins for energy this condition is also referred to as metabolic syndrome.


Sugar Nirogya Amrit has been introduced as a unique blend of ayurvedic herbs with proven efficacy in diabetes.


(This is a complete formulation which controls all asspelts of diabetes & it has been developed after research and human double blind clinical trials on hundreds of patients and came out with wonderful results ,that’s why also called –The Wonder medicine.)

It is a blend of balanced quantity and concentration of herbs which have Synergistic, Neuropathy, Nephropathy, Cardiovascular, Complications, High B.P, Alzheimer-Dementia, Dental Problems like Gingnitis, Pyorrhea Skin & Soft issue infections Non-Healing wounds & ulcers etc.


The Formulation Contains Extracts Derived From


  • 1 – Gurmar(Gymnema Sylevester)
  • 2 – Karela(Momordica Charantia)
  • 3 – Sudha Shilajit
  • 4 – Jamun(Syzgium Cumini)

1.- Gurmar (Gymnema Sylevester):


Woody climbing shrub,native to India & Africa Gurmar(Destroyer of Sugar) Is being used in ayurveda for Thousands of years to control Diabetes. Bio-Active gymnemic acid and gymnema saponins that suppress sweetness Human beings.

  • Prevents the surge in sugar levels immediately after meals & keeps it well under control.
  • Regenrates insulin secreting Beta-Cells in Pancreas & makes it secrete more insulin in long run.
  • Enhances natural insulin sensitivity & reduces insulin in long run.
  • Curtails the craving for sugar carbohydrate in natural manner.
  • Also acts as powerfull anti-oxidant & prevents damage to beta –cells.

2.- Karela(Momordica Charantia):


Is a commonly use in Indian & Asion –holds having praven efficacy in diabetes ,Bio-active compounds present in it are-

  • Charantin-Lowers blood glucose effectively .
  • Polypeptide-P-A plant insulin which acts like insulin in body an increases production of insulin by beta cells of pancreas.
  • Lectin and Vicine-Act on peridheral tissues,decrease and resistance to insulin and also suppress oppetive (sililar to the effect of insulin on brain ).Lectin is major factor behind hypoglycemic effect of bitter-guard.

3.- Sudha Shilajit:


A brown Tar like exudates from crevices in high U.P Himalayan Rocks.It is being used in Ayurveda For thousands of years to control diabetes.

  • Helps to push more glucose inside the cells because fulvic acid as a carrier mole cule.
  • Fulvic acid & anti-oxidants use in it help to reduce free –radical damage to beta cells theeby helping to increase insulin production.
  • Dibenzopyrene in fulvic acid prevents damage to brain cells in Alzheimer and dementia.
  • Stimulates the beta –cells to produce more insulin.

4.- Jamun(Syzgium Cumini):


Is Evergreen tropical tree native to India ,Bangladesh being used in ayurveda for thousands of years to control diabetes bio-active compound mycaminose –isolated from seed extracts of syzgium cumini.

  • Prevents the surge in sugar levels immediately after meals & keeps it well under control.
  • Also Acts as power full anti & oxidant prevents damages to beta-cells.
  • Enhances Natural insulin sensitivity & reduces insulin resistance.
  • Curtails the craving for sugar & carbohydrate in natural manner.
  • Regenerates insulin secreting more insulin in long run.



Check your sugar level regularly with gulcometer Reduce your allopathic medication gradually in consulation with your Doctor. Maintain healthy life style & moderate exercise regularly.